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Speed BioSystems has carefully compiled a collection of high quality antibodies. Most of our antibodies have been validated extensively to make sure specificity and sensitivity is above that of our competitors.

Featured antibodies

Oligoclonal antibodies ---- perfect secondary antibodies for mouse tissue IHC

Most primary monoclonal antibodies used for mouse tissue IHC are from rats. The specificity of the secondary antibody is very important for the success of mouse tissue IHC but it is difficult to make polyclonal antibodies that specifically recognize rat IgG because of the similarity between mouse and rat IgGs. Non-specific secondary antibodies recognizing mouse IgG (present in most tissues) generate high background and while using monoclonal anti-rat secondary antibody reduces background significantly, signal strength is also decreased because only a single epitope is being detected.

Speed Biosystem’s solution is oligoclonal antibodies - a mixture of about 10 clones of secondary monoclonal antibodies. Oligoclonal antibodies retain the advantages of both monoclonal (specificity) and polyclonal (signal strength) antibodies. Please click here for details. Please search for “oligoclonal antibodies” to get ordering information

High Quality Anti-Tag Antibodies

Anti-tag antibodies are widely used in gene functions studies. Antibodies with high sensitivity are required for low abundance targets and Speed BioSystems has developed a full spectrum of anti-tag antibodies with superb sensitivities. For product list, please click here.