Protein L Agarose Resin High Flow

Protein L Agarose Resin High Flow

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Protein L binds to immunoglobulins through L chain interaction, hence the name. The resin is manufactured by coupling recombinant Protein L to high flow agarose matrix with high efficiency single point attachment chemistry.


  • Binds to wider range of antibody classes than Protein A or G (because no part of the heavy chain is involved in the binding interaction): IgG, IgM, IgA, IgE and IgD, scFv, Fab and dAb.
  • Binds to human VκI, VκIII and VκIV subtypes (but not VκII) and mouse VκI.
  • Does not interfere with the antigen-binding site of the antibody, making it useful for immunoprecipitation assays.
  • Extremely useful for purification of VLκ-containing monoclonal antibodies from culture supernatant because it does not bind bovine immunoglobulin present in culture medium.


Average particle size90 micron
FormSlurry in 20% Ethanol
LigandRecombinant Protein L
Coupling chemistryEpoxy
Dynamic binding capacity15-25mg Fab (50kDa) /ml media
Recommended flow rate100-300cm/hr
Chemical stabilityStable in all aqueous buffers commonly used in protein chromatography
Working pH range2-10
CIP pH range (short term)2-11
CIP stability8M Urea, 10mM NaOH + 1M NaCl, 0.1M acetic acid
Temperature stability2-40 °C
Shelf life5 years
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