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Speed BioSystems offers high quality yet affordable kits and reagents for Nucleic Acid Research and Genetic Manipulation.

We have the most extensive selection of Nucleic Acid Purification Kits covering Plasmid Purification from bacteria and yeasts; Genomic DNA purification from cells, tissues, plants, fungi, bacteria, viruses; RNA purification from blood, tissue, cells, fungi, plant, bacteria and viruses.

One of our favorite products is a dye-removal kit that is perfect for large-scale DNA sequencing.

The PCR reagents we offered are pre-tested to be highly efficient in routinely used applications, such as real-time PCR (with our EvaGreen dye), mouse genotyping with tail DNA (using our 2X PCR mix) and DNA staining (with our safe dye to replace EtBr).

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