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About Us

For some antigens, especially those originated from mouse, it is difficult to make mouse monoclonal antibodies against them. Most flow cytometry antibodies used in mouse immunology research are of rat origins.

Here at SPEED BioSystems, we provide full service from antigen preparation, immunization, cell fusion to form hybridomas, screening of hybridoma clones, application test, all the way to purification of end monoclonal antibodies. We also custom produce monoclonal antibodies in large quantity, either from direct large-scale culture of hybridoma cells or from transient over-expression of antibody genes in HEK293 cells. Customers only need to provide a GenBank number of target and the amount of antibody needed; we will take care of the rest. Of course, customers can choose at which stage to step in or to stop to cut down cost.

Below is a simple flow chart for rat monoclonal antibody development service.

Rat Service

Customers can provide their own antigens for immunization. Alternatively, customers can leave antigen preparation work to us.
For Peptide antigens: we will design and synthesize peptides, and have them coupled to carrier proteins (BSA or KLH).
For Protein antigens: Please click here for more details about our custom protein service.

Refer to the form below for general immunization schedule. A fast immunization protocol is available upon request, but we recommend customers to stick to the general protocol as this has been proved to be the most effective.

Estimated Time Procedure Cost
Week 0 Antigen quality control
Pre-immune Bleed
Immunization of 5 rats
Week 1-11 Boost immunizations
Collection of blood samples
Anti-serum test by ELISA
Week 12-16 Cell fusion after satisfactory blood test result
ELISA screen of 1200-1800 hybridoma clones (typically get 10-100 positive clones)
Send positive supernatants to customers for evaluation
Week 17-20 Subclone customer-selected positive clones
Freeze down 2 vials of subcloned cell lines
Week 21 Positive cell lines sent to customer
Cells are discarded 6 weeks after customers have received them.
Total Cost For three or less positive hybridoma subclons $4500
Additional Cost
(1) If counter screen is required after fusion, we test up to two antigens. If more antigens need to be counter screened, we charge $50 for each additional antigen. $50/antigen
(2) If customers cannot finish their tests within 10 days after receiving supernatants, a charge of $20 will be made for each additional day. $20/day
(3) For more than three successfully subcloned hybridoma cell lines, each of the additional cell lines costs $60. $60/clone
(4) Fee for shipping of samples $80/each shipping

Design for specific applications
Antibodies obtained with general protocol works well for ELISA. You will need to test as many hybridomas as possible to get one that works for your specifically required application, such as WB, flow Cytometry, IHC, IF, IP, etc. The chance of getting a working antibody for a specific application is increased significantly by a targeted design of production protocol. For example, by immunizing animals with whole cells expressing antigen on cell surface sigificantly increases the chance of getting an antibody that works for flow cytometry. Similarly, by immunizing animals with denatured antigen increases the likelihood of getting an antibody that works for Western blot. We encourage customers to discuss their special needs with us first, so we can design an optimal protocol based on customers’ special needs and our previous experience.

For details and pricing please contact us at info@SpeedBioSystems.com.